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"Love one another, but make not a bond of love:
Let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls.
Fill each other's cup but drink not from one cup.
Give one another of your bread but eat not from the same loaf
Sing and dance together and be joyous, but let each one of you be alone,
Even as the strings of a lute are alone though they quiver with the same music."
Kahil Gibran, The Prophet


14k Yellow Gold
I had to buy a new marco lens to capture these two little ones. A beautiful castle in the Scottish Highlands.
They are 4mm wide.

14k Yellow Gold, White Sapphire
This is a very simple idea. Two lines representing the couple flow effortlessly between both rings and represent life together. Maybe even a third line or more to represent the kids. Love needs space to grow....
climber wedding rings. matt distorted
14k White Gold /matt finish
Rough and irregular! Just the king of wedding rings that you will never worry about getting scratched. Infact every additional scratch will be symbol of the journey together.
landschaft ringe 14k gelg gold. handgemacht
14k Yellow Gold
The Julian Alps range. A beautiful spot and the inspiration for these two. The range of mountains and valleys helped me to create a three dimensional relief. 
pirate wedding rings
14k Yellow Gold
Inspired by two Pirates ;)
14k White Gold, matt finish
I love this texture. Simple, smooth, classic but totally unique
handmade wedding rings. red gold 14k buy online
The Claddagh Ring. 14k Red Gold, 14k White Gold
The story of the Claddagh ring is a little patchy at best. They say that the hands represent faith and trust. The heart is love and the Crown represents loyalty (loyalty to the English crown??)
Legend says that a young Irish fisher boy was captured by pirates and sold into slavery in Africa. There he worked as a goldsmith until one day when he managed escape and make his way back to the seaside town of Claddagh in Co. Galway. He took with him his new found goldsmithing skill and The Claddagh ring was born.
In my version the hands are fists, a typical moorish symbol for faithfulness. Two spheres top and bottom representing unity. Of course the loyalty to the crown was scrapped! 
hope ya like them
wold wedding rings
18k White Gold
A castle, a landscape, a wolf and an eagle all in one ring!! Where is your favourite place and why??
labradorite wedding rings
14k White Gold, Finnish Labradorite
We wanted to symbolize the feeling of a mountain. The hard, rough and rugged surface contrasted with the soft sky above ones head.
 14k White Gold
An Engagement ring that represents the flow of life. Like water, sometimes turbulent, sometimes calm... ride the wave ;)
river wedding rings kaernten
14k White Gold
This was a very special piece to make. The Weißenbach is a river just down the road from my studio. The river is known to have extensive gold deposits. I carved a topographical map of the river bed and landscape into Austrian recycled white Gold. In the meantime Simon is searching for some pure yellow gold on the rivers edge. 
urban wedding. bespoke rings online shop
14k White Gold
An engagement ring that will broaden your horizons. Stefan sent me a photo of their apartment in Vienna. 
We decided to finish the upper edge of the ring with the mountain outline. Foreground, middle ground and background. Its unique and petite at just 3,0mm tall.
white gold wedding rings online josh o shesa
14k White Gold
A relationship is alot like water. It must move and flow effortlessly. A river is only a river when it dances on two shores ;)
handmade celtic rings
14k Yellow Gold
Celtic inspired wedding rings.
leaf wedding ring
14K Yellow Gold, x12 Diamonds provided by the client
Renate came to me with many stones of all different sizes. We discussed a few designs till we agreed on a branch and leaf motif.  
Karnten hochzeit online kaufen
14k White Gold
These two are simply sculpted with not too much detail. Two natural sculptures that fit together.
landschaft ringe
14k Yellow Gold
Daniel and Simone sent me a very beautiful mail. They wanted to order two very special wedding rings. Rings that symbolize their life together.
They told me about their life and about their farm. We wrote emails back and forth discussing motifs and what they both have in common.
Then Simone said that they simply love to sit on their balcony after a good days work, talk together and enjoy the view.
"That's it!", I said.
"Can you send me a picture of what you see from your balcony.

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